Positron Collider Fuzz

Treble & Bass knobs may vary slightly from photo

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The knobs used in the photo are incredibly hard to get apparently. The knobs are the same shape without the silver cap. 

Listen...do you smell something?! 

The Positron Collider is back for a limited time! This homage to Zach's favorite Ghost catching comedy from 1984 houses his tweaked version of the iconic Ram's Head Muff circuit. Don't let it's playful appearance fool you this slimed up fuzz pedal is a versatile dirt box. 

The Positron Collider features a Focus (Volume), Intensity (Fuzz), Clipping Switch (LED/Silicon), and Independent Treble/Bass controls. Couple that with it's Total Protonic Reversal footswitch which bypasses the tone circuit, you can get such a wide variety of tones that is truly fun and inspiring to play.  The wide range of controls let you go from versatile low gain fuzzy tones, to huge high gain fuzz sounds. Using the Treble and Bass knobs let you run the gamut of classic muff sounds to less mid scooped, fuller tones.

The look of this pedal is a combination of Zach's favorite fictional Ghost catching equipment, with labels and iconography pulled from packs and traps alike. This current version features a Glow in the Dark slimed finish!

The Positron Collider also has some cool lights/effects baked in. When you engage the Total Protonic Reversal mode the "BYPASS" LED begins to Flash. On the right side of the pedal there is a "Vent" with a internal LED that flashes along with your playing, the brightness of that LED is set by the Intensity control (circuit designed by Lawrence Petross). 

Demo of the earlier version of the Positron Collider

Sonically the newest version is the same.