Repair Form

Things happen and pedals can stop functioning, before emailing us be sure to test your pedal in isolation, outside a board with a dedicated +9V DC power supply and make sure your cables are in good working order. I know what you’re saying, “I know my stuff works!” but the majority of the time it’s outside problems that make people think the pedal is dead or broken. If you have a footswitch or pot issue try cleaning it with contact cleaner first.

We are in our offices Monday-Thursday and try to get back to everyone in a timely manner. If you message us Friday-Sunday please be patient, we will get back with you asap.

Common Issues

Double check your cables and power supply. Try your pedal in isolation outside a pedalboard before reaching out. The majority of issues we encounter are outside the pedal itself.

Double check that power supply and make sure your instrument cables are plugged into the correct input/output jack.

This sometimes happen with True Bypass pedals. We try to combat this best we can but you can't plan for every setup. Most of the time it's just a capacitor that needs to be discharged, step on the pedal a few times and the pop will go away.

The older Mjolnir and Wildwood models are VERY SENSITIVE to power. If they get more than 12v they will blow the protection diode and that part will have to be replaced. This is common for Klones, but you have to be extra careful plugging these in that you are only giving them +9 volts.

Repair Form

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