Mythos Pedals - Mjolnir MKIV

The Oracle Echo Machine

$259 Hoping to ship Mid/Late Sept.

The Oracle has arrived! This Mythos Pedals delay was made for the guitar player that wants all the tone and non of the frills. A marriage of classic tape echo and analog echo pedals this digital delay is made to sound analog but with modern amenities. The Oracle has a great tape echo style preamp that you can drive you amp with, it has a beautiful clarity and drive sound that will kick an amp in the pants or just all some definition to your signal. There is a classic modulation sound that can be switched on or off with side accessible trim pots for adjustment. A Lo and Hi tone controls allows you to shape the voicing of the repeats for dark and moody or bright and crispy. There is a Subdivision switch that allows for a wide variety of delay choices. And lastly a tap tempo and tap out that can be held to send the pedal into wild self oscillation.

  • Circuit Design by Neil Graham

  • Digital Delay with classic analog voicing!

  • Approx. 1000ms of Delay Time

  • Tape Echo Style Preamp

  • Beautiful Modulation with Side Adjustment trim pots

  • Subdivision. Quarter, Eighth, Dotted Eighth, Triplet Eighth, Quarter & Dotted, Quarter & Triplet, Eight & Dotted, Eighth & Triplet

  • Tap Tempo (Hold for oscillation)

  • Top Mount Jacks, In, Tap, Out

  • Top quality jacks, switch, and pots.

  • Quality low tolerance through hole components.

All  Mythos Pedals operate on standard 9 volt dc power adapters. Center negative only. This pedal does not feature an internal battery clip.